Private RuneScape servers revisions

A private runescape server can be made to fit any revision as long as the cache and runescape client are present. Often times runescape servers are run on revisions, such as 562 and 718 but that’s not always the case. Information will get released within a source and numerous renditions will follow with new RSPS. Although there are many more RuneScape frameworks that cover a larger amount of revisions, here are some of the most commonly used. Most of these RuneScape revisions are not currently being used for RSPS any more.

  • 317 (Widely regarded as the oldest revision for RSPS, excluding Classic. Many different frameworks have been released for this revision)
  • 377 (Common for Apollo for example)
  • 474 (Hyperion and/or Apollo)
  • 508 (no info on RSPS)
  • 525 (Common RS2HD revision)
  • 530 (RuneX for example)
  • 562 (Was the main revision for a lot of servers at the time. Typically RS2HD, RuneEscape or Hyperion frameworks)
  • 602/604 (Not used very much for servers, other than loading some models. A couple Hyperion frameworks were updated to these revisions and released)
  • 614 (Saw the introduction of Dungeoneering. Few servers at the time were loading this revision. Namely CorruptionX and a framework from Hoyute)
  • 314 (A hybrid revision [317 loading 602/614] is still called 317 but is not!)
  • 667 (no info on RSPS)
  • 718 (Common revision for 2012 RSPS)
  • 728 (no info on RSPS)
  • 742 (Common for 742- servers to load some cache definitions from this revision. Some pure 742s have been released, most on new frameworks)
  • 751 (Introduction of the Evolution of Combat)
  • 788 (Introduction of RuneScape 3 and the ‘New Interface System’ [NIS]).
  • 803 (no info on RSPS)
  • 830 (Common revision for RS3 RSPS)
  • 849 (Catanai for example)
  • 870 (Kagani for example)
  • 876 (Matrix 876 converted by _jordan for example)
  • 910 (Gielinorian for example by Melvin)

You can fine private runescape servers by revision here: