Minecraft /gamerule tutorial

17 January, 2023

Minecraft /gamerule tutorial

Minecraft is well-known for its many useful commands in-game that can change the experience and fine-tune how players interact within a game world.

The game rule command is available in all versions of Minecraft, including Java, Pocket, Pocket, Education Edition. It can be used to alter the way a game world works in many ways.

The command can be used to stop the game's night/day cycle, stop mobs damaging the environment, prevent fire spreading, or remove health regeneration. To enact these commands, cheats must be enabled. Operator privileges will also be required.

Guide to using /gamerule within Minecraft

Once cheats are enabled, or players have the privileges to run commands on multiplayer servers, they can open their chat window. They can then start entering commands. Below are some examples of how to use the /gamerule command.

You can also use the game rule syntax to access many commands. Noting that Minecraft has different syntax rules, it is worth noting. Java Edition, for example, requires precise and case-sensitive typing inputs in order to execute commands.

Bedrock Edition also allows players to use an auto-complete function that will convert lowercase commands into the correct case-sensitive version. The auto-complete function can also be used within Minecraft's Pocket Edition and Education Editions. Both are built on Bedrock's engine.