New mining/smithing in Runescape

7 January, 2023

New mining/smithing in Runescape

It's been a while since i played Runescape, but I'm starting to slowly get back into it. While I was gone it seems Jagex decided to rewamp mining and smithing. Here's what I found was new and exciting.

New ores

A few new ores were added, that you can mine after you reach mining lvl 90. With the new ores obviously we also got new pickaxes which speed up the mining process and overall the leveling process as well. A nifty thing I also found was that ores no longer depleted, which means no more having to skip on to the next world when you mine up all the ore in your area.

Smithing news

With smithing not much changed, you can still level it up the way you were used to, however upgrading items was added with the best items being able to be used in burial ceremonies by the dwarves, however this consumes the item. At lvl 99 you can also create Masterwork armour which is also a nice way to show off you mastery of the game.
That's the new mining/smithing news. try them out next time you play RS.